Meet Katie Stewart

Katie is a fourth-generation Durangoan whose life and values are rooted right here in southwest Colorado. She has spent her career delivering caring service to this community she loves and brings a sincere understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in House District 59 because they are her family, friends and neighbors. Given the chance, she is ready to fight for what southwest Colorado needs in the State Capitol.

Katie’s dedication to service is proven through her commitment to strengthening public education. Currently in her second term on the Durango 9-R Board of Education, Katie’s work focuses on empowering students and educators alike through tireless efforts on several key committees, particularly in her role fostering productive relationships with union associations and engaging in negotiations on behalf of the district. Her advocacy for public education stems from her recognition of its pivotal role in shaping Colorado’s future. Focusing on the complexities of Colorado school finance, Katie ensures an informed approach to securing support for our educational institutions.

Expanding on her foundation in nonprofit development, Katie transitioned into the role of a community organizer. She has actively engaged with political campaigns at the local, state, and national levels, including a role in President Biden’s 2020 campaign and serving as the political director for the Colorado Democrats’ coordinated campaign in 2022. Through these experiences, Katie has cultivated meaningful connections with stakeholders throughout Colorado, contributing to the enrichment of her diverse skill set. Currently Katie works with a statewide issue advocacy organization to ensure that Coloradans can earn a good living and have a good life no matter their zip code.

Katie’s commitment to family and community echoes generations past. Together with her husband Dan, they raise five children in the very home that has been a cornerstone of her family for generations – the same home where her mother and grandmother were raised. In this blended family, Katie and Dan proudly support their adult children, Noah, dedicated to service as an Air Force E3 reservist in Denver, and Jacob, pursuing his passion for photography as a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Their household is further enriched by the spirited younger trio: Ben, the thoughtful middle-schooler; Lilah, an adventurous yet shy 10-year-old; and Owen, a second-grader whose love for outdoor activities matches his love of chocolate milk.

Her life experiences have given Katie an understanding of rural dynamics and the educational landscape, she stands as a tireless advocate for the betterment of rural Colorado and the empowerment of its educational backbone.